Return-to-Work Programs Save You Money

Why is a Return to Work Program so important?

RTW Tip SheetThe Purpose of a Return to Work (RTW) Program is to return workers to employment at the earliest date possible following an injury or illness. Creating a safe work environment is the main factor in keeping employees safe and avoiding costly workers’ compensation claims. But accidents happen, and when they do an employee that misses time can often come back feeling “lost” or “out of the loop” due to the constant change in businesses today. A RTW program can produce results that directly help the returning employee, these include:

  1. Decreasing lost productivity
  2. Increasing morale
  3. Reducing employee lost time and cost associated with an injury
  4. Decreasing costs for hiring and training a new employee
  5. Decreased insurance premiums

There are many uncontrollable variables and finding areas that can decrease costs can have a large impact. Statistics show much higher costs for businesses that do not have a RTW program. Take these and form your own RTW program and reduce your costs:

  • Establish a relationship with medical providers 
  • Update job descriptions
  • Allow recovering workers to ease into a full work schedule
  • Involve the injured worker in the discussions about alternative work
  • Be positive and flexible

By implementing a RTW program you will be able to control the cost of your workers’ compensation saving you money & increasing your profits. Download our Free Return to Work tip sheet and start controlling your workers’ compensation costs today.

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