What to Expect When Following A Loss

We know that at times insurance policies can be seen as complicated and difficult to understand.

Even if you are somewhat familiar with the policy prior to a loss occurring, it can be still be confusing. Lack of policy knowledge prior to a loss can make the process more challenging. If you are involved in an accident but don’t know the basics of the claims process then this can result in delays initiating the claim and this can hinder the ability of the insurance company to fully investigate the accident. This can also make it difficult for them to accurately assess the situation. As an insurance agency we know that part of our responsibility to you, the policyholder is to educate you and to help you make the policies and the claims process as stress-free as possible. Because of that we are offering the “5 Steps To Prepare Yourself For A Claim.” This tip sheet gives you important insights into your policy and outlines some of the critical steps to take in the event of a loss to make the claim process easier for you and the insurance company.

By: Niklas Almström, Insurance Advisors, Inc.

Insurance claims process tip sheet.