Social Media for Business

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn icons.Social media has been growing exponentially in recent years and many businesses are using social media to grow their business.

Despite this, many, especially small businesses, are having a difficult time learning what they need to know in order to take full advantage of social media, they are also not finding the time to do it. Some social media facts are astonishing these days, such as Facebook has over 1.23 billion active users, there are roughly 9,100 tweets every second, and more than 3 million businesses have LinkedIn Company Pages.

Knowing how to use these tools can be critical in growing your business and that is why we are providing you with this piece. This primer offers you the purpose of each social media platform, how you can get started on each of those platforms, how to use each of them long-term, and some basic etiquette for each social media site, along with some “dos and don’ts” as well. These could help you and your business get started on multiple social media platforms and help you grow your business by reaching new customers through social media. As an independent insurance agency, we know that small businesses can use all the help they can get, especially when it comes to relatively new concepts like social media. Our “Social Media Primer – The Basics of Social Media for Business” helps to get you off on the right foot with using social media to extend your reach and help grow your business.

By: Niklas Almström, Insurance Advisors

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