What Causes Pipes To Burst?

WaterIt’s a simple scientific explanation:Ice has about 10% more mass than water. When a pressurized plumbing pipe is subjected to freezing temperatures, water turns to ice and the ice often times subjects more pressure than the pipe or the plumbing fixtures containing the water can handle.  The result:  Burst pipes and fixtures!

PEX Vs. Copper Piping

There has been a fairly large swing from traditional copper pipes to PEX pipes. They are less likely to split and break open since they have more flexibility; however, they can break at joints and at fixtures. Some plumbers still prefer the copper, but PEX is less costly per foot and typically faster to install. If your property utilizes PEX plumbing, you still can suffer pipe breaks, but do not have “pinhole leaks.”

When a water pipe bursts in your home, it’s easy to panic. The inconvenience and damage of excess water damage following a frozen or pipe burst is significant. Be sure to get in touch with Insurance Advisors if you have a incident involving any type of water damage and we will put you in touch with an industry leader in clean-up and restoration.

Information Gathered from: 24Restore.com