How To Prevent Cyberbullying

With today’s’ technology kids are connecting to the internet in more than one way. This increased way to connect may also increase cyberbullying

Know What Your Kids are Doing Online

Line drawing of man at computerBe aware of the sites your kids go to and the online activities they are participating in.  Ask them what sites they are going to, who they communicate with and what they are doing on the site.

Install parental control filtering software and monitor your child’s online behavior.  Inform your child that as a parent it is your responsibility to check up on their online activities to keep them safe.

Learn which sites your child likes to visit.  Ask them for the passwords to the sites and tell them you will only use them in an emergency.

Ask to be their “friend” or “follow” them on social media sites or have another trusted adult do so.

Encourage your child to tell you immediately if they, or someone they know, are being cyberbullied. Help your child understand that they can always come to you if they are being bullied or encourage them to go to another agreed upon trusted adult in your absence.

Technology Use Rules

Sit down and talk to your child about appropriate use of cell phones, computers or other social networking capable devices.  Make sure they understand what sites they are allowed to visit and which are not allowed.

Teach kids about what should and shouldn’t be shared on social networking sites.  Set up the account together and show them how to block personal information such as home address, home or cell phone numbers, what school they go to and what pictures are appropriate to share.  Help them understand that once it is posted on a social website it is always there even if they delete the picture it may already have been shared with someone else.

Remind your child not to share their password with friends.  Help your child understand that sharing a password can compromise their online identities and activities.

By: Christine Gaffron, Insurance Advisors, Inc.