Roof Damage: Get Covered Before It Costs You

Roof Damage – Replacement Cost VS Actual Cost Value

Fallen tree on a roof of a house.If you are wondering what kind of coverage you will have in the event you have damage to your roof from a storm; you will be happy to know that most homeowner’s policies will cover roof damage caused by fire, vandalism, “Acts of God” like tornadoes and hail and wind storms. Review your policy or contact your insurance agent for specifics of your policy.

There are two different types of coverage possible for your roof. Replacement cost or Actual Cash Value.

Actual Cash Value coverage will take the value of your roof, minus depreciation and minus the deductible. This coverage is cheaper but will result in more out of pocket expense for you at the time of a claim.

Replacement Cost coverage will cover the total cost of repairs or replacement minus your deductible.

Contact Insurance Advisors with any questions you may have regarding coverage for your home or auto insurance.

By: Christine Gaffron, Insurance Advisors, Inc.

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